What We Do

SCOLAPS' responsibility is to represent students in academic and governance matters in the Faculty while advancing its own programs and initiatives, which deal with student involvement and education on governance and policy. All these activities are done to allow students in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies the best possible student experience and to strive to promote student engagement across the Faculty and University, but particularly in governance.

Through its membership on the Faculty's committees, SCOLAPS enables students to voice their unique opinions on various matters affecting the Faculty. This includes providing student input on the Tenure and Promotion process, petition decisions, curriculum implementation and many other important subjects. For further information on these activities, please refer to Committees and Responsibilities. As the sole student representative organization to the Faculty, SCOLAPS will play an integral role in the future development of the Faculty.

In addition to its committee duties, SCOLAPS has recently been responsible for providing student consultation on proposed documents, plans, and policies that will have a lasting impact on the Faculty's students. Most notably, SCOLAPS has played an important role in representing the Faculty's students during the formulation process of the Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Strategic Plan. The Council and its student councilors will continue to provide unique and constructive student participation in the development processes of all important plans and policies in the future.

See our Message from the Chair.