Student Senators and Senate Responsibilities

As defined by the York University Act, the Senate of York University is the highest academic body of the university. The primary responsibility of Senate is the university's academic policy. Alongside York's administrative officials, York University students are also elected to Senate. SCOLAPS Councillors are elected to Senate via the Executive Elections of SCOLAPS. Here, the Executive Team, Directors, and Senators are elected by the general council. These elections will take place at the end of the academic year.

SCOLAPS Senators actively participate in York University's Senate. Activities of SCOLAPS Senators include attendance on the Student Senator Caucus and maintaining a consistent presence in Senate Monthly meetings. SCOLAPS also participates on Senate taskforces and senate committees such as the Executive; Academic Policy, Planning and Research; Academic Standards, Curriculum, and Pedagogy; Appeals; Tenure and Promotions; and Awards.

The 2019-20 Student Senators

  • Aqsa Khalid Khalil from Law & Society and Public Administration & Law
  • Michelle Cobblah from Business and Society
  • Lucas Amello from Political Science
  • Dylan Gruspier from Law & Society 
  • Naemat Khurana from Commerce 
  • Christina Mounts from Economics

For more information on the Senate of York University, please visit the York University Secretariat.